If you drive a large coach or a custom coach, storing and parking a RV can be a challenge. Few individuals have additional indoor RV storage amenities to keep such large vehicles, and several owners have protection companies about traditional RV storage. The owners of RV require a storage amenity the can believe, and amenities that can deliver are amazing.

Many people are need to storing their RVs in a safe and secured area. So they are seeking for the best RV storages available in the market, which is nearer for them. However, before finalizing your storage unit, just take a look at these below information for better convenience.

Various storage sizes in the market

RV comes in an array of sizes, so you need to be careful of that when seeking for RV storage. Parking areas at storage amenities may differ in size, too, so it is essential to understand if your RV will fit. Hence, let’s discuss the various classes of RVs and he storage sizes they need.


  • Class A:If you need to own a Class A, you will require a big parking area or storage unit to keep your RV. In sort to store one indoors, it would likely need to be at a special RV storage amenity.
  • Class B:If you need to own this one, you will require an average parking area of around 17 to 19 feet long.
  • Class C:if you need to own this one, you will require at least thirty feet in length to be able to keep this kind of RV.


Classifications in RV storage

Another thing to keep in mind is if you need to secure your RV form the elements, which may be suggested in a region with harsh climates. While most amenities have outdoor recreational vehicle storage, some may deliver covered and indoor RV storage as well.


How do get ready for winter storage

However, there are several considerations that you can perform to make your RV for winter storage, these will be based on, whether you are storing indoors or outdoors. For outdoor, you need to be aware, as the weather can spoil your RV around long periods of time. Hence, let’s see some of the steps to follow:

  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Cover with a breathable trap
  • Disconnecting propane tanks
  • Proofing for pests
  • Washing your RV

How much does it cost?

The price range of RV will depend on facilities and location. Some of the amenities will have reach a lot while others will have a paved parking lot among the people. Outdoor storage can begin as low as thirty to fifty dollars per month in some areas, but could go as high as sixty to one hundred dollars or more. Yes, indoor storage will always highly expensive more for the convenience. For unheated indoor storage, a rate begins over fifty to one hundred and twenty five dollars or more. If you need to have your RV secured from the winter, it can cost anywhere from one hundred dollars to four hundred and fifty dollars.